We operate a business based on sustainable and responsible corporate practices, and we regularly review and improve our internal policies, programmes and initiatives, including employee satisfaction, environmental impact, community and social efforts.

The welfare of our staff is of paramount importance which is why we issue our 200-strong complement of crane operators and technicians with the industry-leading equipment they need to do their job well, safely, and in comfort. These small yet innovative measures – inspired by the extraordinarily high safety standards adopted by the oil and gas industry – make a big difference to the men who are building the Middle East from the ground up.


  • Breathable overalls protect our staff from the harsh sun, and absorb moisture away from the skin
  • Kevlar-lined footwear remains cool in hot weather and is lighter and more flexible than steel toe caps
  • Ergonomically-designed neoprene safety gloves ensure a firm, precise grip when it’s needed most